Thematic courses. Modeling Air Vacuum Valves, Check Valves and Singular elements.

Specific cases sessions.

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Some of what you will learn about Air Vacuum Valves, AVV...

Where to site AVV

A feature for helping locate significant high and low elevations

Different AVV types

How to choose the correct AVV type to prevent extreme pressures

Preventing issues in pump stations

Big air cushions can cause very high pressures in pumping startups

AVV types

SURGE handles different AVV's responses, different types will be analyzed.

No air slam

SURGE "no slam" effect analysis


Ways to handle big air volumes.

Some of what you will learn about Check Valves and Singular elements.

Hydraulic analysis.

Transient results. Report review . Pump combined inertia. Different pipe materials, Wave speed changing upon certain conditions.

SURGE analysis results.

Gas volume evolution on bladder tanks.


Pressure evolution. Gas/air volume evolution in protection elements, tanks and air valves

Check valves modeling.

SURGE allows representing pressures, flows and time, when check valves initiate its run for closing

Check valves analysis.

SURGE suggest how pressures and flows go changing with time since check valves start closing

Manufacturers information.

The importance of check valves' manufacturer information in order to get realistic results

Online sessions for specific cases.

Intended for helping users to push forward cases which pose project's uncertainties.

Fully project data supply will be required.

Confidentiality about documents are guaranteed.

Once revised each case a quotation will be sent.

Once the budget accepted and the provision of funds made, a suitable sessions schedule will be appointed.

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Ferran Guillén, MSc Mechanical Engineer. Expertise on fluid facilities design.

Teaching mode

ONLINE. The chosen system will be previously indicated and tested.


Laptop with the last version. A license will be at attendees' disposal

Thematic courses conditions

Eventually some of this listed points could be adapted to match attendees needs.

Scheduling: Two morning sessions from 8.30 to 13

Attendees' number LIMITED to 10, acceptance will be on a first come first served basis.

Registrations will be effective transfering the total cost indicated.

A pro-forma invoice will be sent to applicants as PROOF of registration done.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event. Applicants will be informed and all fees will be refunded if it was required.

Cancellations are accepted by email, WITHOUT penalty up to 10 days prior to date of commencement. Penalty fee will represent 30% of course price.

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