First semester 2020

KYPIPE LLC, Invites you to attend:
- Technical support sessions
- Municipal Waternetwork management sessions

Online mode allow certain flexibility for choosing dates that best suit your needs

Firsts steps working with the software
Answers for why using an hydraulic software for municipal water network management

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what is Training Sessions For Beginners?

Sessions intended for helping beginners on the their first steps with KYPipe-SURGE-TranSurge
Demo examples

Working out over demo examples

Creating new models

Laying out a model. Maps and diagrams as backgrounds.


Getting and analyzing results


working with labels

Hydraulic elements

placing elements

Pump curves

Pump curve type for matching system requirements

What is water network management?

A General view on how KYPipe-SURGE-TranSurge softwares contribute to the most efficient management and a security guarantee of municipal water networks supply.
municipal water networks

The city water network

municipal water networks

Hydraulic elements

municipal water networks

Taking decisions

municipal water networks

network efficiency

municipal water networks

Capability checking

municipal water networks

Fire fighting capability checking

municipal water networks

Transients checking

municipal water networks

Transients produced by different causes

municipal water networks

High and low pressures profile

municipal water networks

A dangerous high pressure

Events info


Ferran Guillén, MSc Mechanical Engineer. Expertise on fluid facilities design.

Teaching mode for all sessions



laptop with the last version. A licese will be at disposal for every attendee

Event conditions.

Eventually some of this points can be adapted to fit attendees' needs.

Scheduling: Morning sessions from 9 to 13.

Number of seats LIMITED, acceptance will be on a first come first served basis.

Previous registration required.

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or postpone the event

Pricing Table

Training sessions: For beginners and Municipal Water Network Management


  • Framed onto the basics of KYPipe-SURGE-TranSurge

  • Registration required

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Ferran Guillén

Training driver

MSc Mechanical Engineer by the ETSEIB

Recents post

  • Ferran Guillén
  • June 2017
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Modelling city's firefighting water networks

Extreme heat and drought preceded by rainy seasons suggests considering the importance of urban protection against fire threat that natural forested environment entails. Caution should lead us not to trust much in the assistance of external means given the possible fires simultaneity. This climatic trend accelerates year after year as recent records say. Should we consider whether the threatened areas are sufficiently protected?...

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Modeling Hydropneumatics Tanks in KYPipe

Hydropneumatics tanks (hydrotanks) use compressed air to maintain the pressure in a distribution system as opposed to overhead storage tanks, which rely solely on water elevation. They are commonly smaller and less expensive than overhead storage tanks and are used to control pump cycles in raw water, potable water, and sewer systems.

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  • Dr. Lingireddy
  • 21 March
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Non-Reopening Check Valves

The way Pipe2016 models an “ordinary” check valve is by allowing it to open when the differential pressure across the valve reaches any positive value, even as small as +0.00001 ft of head. The reverse is also true, the valve starts closing when the differential pressure drops below zero, even very slightly

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  • Dr. Lingireddy
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Dynamic Characteristics of Check Valves

Improper sizing of check valves results in check valve slam, a phenomenon that produces undue increase in pressure head due rapid decrease in reverse flow velocity associated with check valve closure.

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