SURGE&TanSurge 2016 new features .

- Air valve
placement Tool

-Google EarthImport/Export

-Check Valve Dynamic Tool.

Working with SURGE&TanSurge 2016.

-Overview to Hydraulic Transients

-Introduction to modeling. Laying out a hydraulic model.

-Importing profiles. Importing dxf files.Backgrownd Maps.

-Elements for transients protection

-Sizing surge Tanks

-Sizing Air Valves.

-SURGE tools

-Pump inertia

-Wave Speed.Factors influencing celerity

-Non Return Valves, Check valves, Dynamics

Model Analysis

-Initial Steady State KYPIPEtype

-Transient, SURGE&TanSurge 2016 type.

-Reports, tables, graphics, profiles.


Graphical results:

-Pressure profile

-Graphics: pressure evolution, gas/air volume.

-Graphics of flow, velocity, pressure, losses.

-KYNETIC. Multiple graphics. Parameters comparability.


Workshop, case study

- Model's definition

- Initial working conditions

- Different transient Scenarios

- Transient Protection Design

- Different solutions





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