Environment awareness activities


Our headquarter is sited in Catalunya, Barcelona, Vallès Oriental.

This geographical circumstance drive us to visit mainly nearby natural parks, lowlands areas as "Corredor-Montnegre" "Serralades de Marina-Litoral", and into the highlands as "Montseny" "Guilleries", although Pyrenees including Huesca's and Navarra's are also taken into account for its outstanding beauty.

Being close to the coastline invites you to visit areas like El Maresme, the low and high Costa Brava, walks just along the seaside, "Camí de Ronda".

Activities features

Routes intended to do on foot, in order to know in depth a whole series of privileged natural spots of our territory.

Our geographic situation offers different climatic environments where to practice this outdoor activities along the four climatic seasons of the year.

Activities of different intensities, to exert in a day or half a day.

Activities programmed for holidays seasons.

Activities that require different phisical level exercice, thus they are graded in different difficulty levels, they range from quiet walks like, to a more demanding itineraries.

A- Gain in elevation less than 300 m, distance up to 12 km, half day low level
B- Gain in elevation from 300 to 600 m, distance up to 12 km, half day middle level
C- Gain in elevation from 600 to 900 m, distance between 12 and 15 km, a demanding day
D- Gain in elevation more than 900 m, distance between 15 and 19 km, a hard day

The symbols + or - will be added to each of the letters depending on their proximity to its ends. So a B+ exit will mean an accumulated elevation of near to 600 m. and 12 km route.

Along the activities the monitor will pos the audience topics about technical issues concerning the so called Climate Change, Energy Emergency, all related to this natural space visited, comenting its history, exposing references about its rural heritage resulting from a close relationship between nature and human activity.


Limited groups up to 10 attendees

Transport by own car, expenses not included.

For some activities public transport will be considered.

In all cases, safety measures will be taken to prevent contagion (COVID 19).

Zones to visit classified by regions and seasons

October to May

- Girona lowlands and coastal
- Catalunya center
- Lleida, Pallars Sobirà
- Barcelona, Montserrat
- Camp de Tarragona
- Terres de l'Ebre
- Lleida, La Noguera

June to September

- Girona highlands, Ripollès, Garrotxa, Alt Empordà
- Sea side. Alta Costa Brava.
- Catalunya Central highlands, Berguedà, Solsones, Osona
- Alt Pirineu and Aran. Vall d'Aran, Pallars Sobirà. Alt Urgell. La Cerdanya.

- Pirineu Aragón and Navarra


Day activities and seasons

Schedule time and place of meeting will be specified at booking

Because attendees number is limited to 10, early booking is advised.

Information about insurance available will be provided.

For holidays seasons, lodging booking should be pay in advance.

The organizer could cancel or postpone the event under certain circumstances. Applicants will be informed and all fees will be refunded.

Cancellations are accepted by email, without penalty up to 10 days prior to date of commencement. Penalty fee will represent the loss of lodging booking.

Prices do not include transport or other unspecified services.

Pets not allowed without expressed monitor's agreement.

Prices and personal gear

Middle and high difficulty.


Low difficulty activities


Personal gear

Sanitary measures. First aid kit. ffp2 class masks for poorly ventilated spaces.

Backpack, trekking boots and poles.

Spare clothes and raincoat

Sun protection elements, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen lotions

Clothing proper for the season

Food and water for a whole the day

Holidays seasons


Activities of more than one day, with half board accommodation

Daily activities once lodged at the destination

Accommodation in Hotel, Rural Home, depending on the the activities' location

Trips by own car, expenses on the participants account.

Once it is programmed, a first payment will be required in order to reserve accommodation

prices are published once the activities are scheduled

Some destinations in Catalan lands and other neighboring communities

Valle de Benasque

Valle de Aran

Boi i Taull


Irati. Navarra

La Cerdanya

Prices and personal gear

Next destination

-depending lodging

Personal gear for holidays trekkings

The same requirements for the previous activities plus Hotel's picnik service and water.

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