Technique and Environment

Three sections:

1.- Environmental impact consulting.
Environmental impact projects


Environmental impact project is the document that defines restictions to the project's viability and scope in order to prevent evirontment irrevesibilities, highlighting sensitive spots, establishing measures to be fulfilled in order to preserve its essence in front of the project works and its intended objectives.

Our technicians are highly involved on the preservation of Natural Environment, watching out primarily keeping it in its original conditions, being this the main commitment of our studies.




Services Infraestructures

Civil works

2.- Organizing outdoors activities. Visits to most singular Natural Spots


These are activities aimed to encrease environmental awareness, which is basic for the understanding of any technical proposal.

Outdoors activities, environmental kind of, are defined as visits on foot to sensitive natural spots of our territory.

Walks along ideal settings to work over technical issues that would deal with a general environmental awareness.

Activities also aimed to give light to issues of certain urban areas both for their architectural interest as for its green spaces.

These monitored visits are aimed at anyone with interest in environmental and cultural issues, special academic training level is not required, explanations are made at a level of easy assimilable concepts.

In order to carry out the objectives that are set out, there is a specific website that centralizes all the information about the activities scheduled.


Define the sensitivity degree of the Natural Environment in front to the different actions of human activity

Discussing over the existing facilities, analyzing the degree to which they can affect the health of the natural environment.

Analyze the different types of energy and their use.

Raise technical concepts on environmental pollution.

To know our environment, natural and urban. Identify our historical heritage.


The different areas to visit

Different features of each one

Organizational details

3.- Architecture and natural urban sites of our cities


Historical architecture.

Old town.

Parks and areas of natural interest.



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