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EN&CO FORUM ENGINYERIA, bases its experience on Industrial fluid facilities, Civil engineering and Machinery Design and Construction.

Fluids facilities Engineering.

EN&CO FORUMENGINYERA, group of MSc Mechanical Engineers, develops infrastructure projects for Water Supply , Fire Protection, GAS and STEAM, and Sewer networks, modeling the most significant hydraulic effects, where steady state and transient values are critical. Controlling efficiencies in Gas and Steam networks facilities.

Risk analysis advising. Topical Cartography.

Within topical cartographic environment, EN&CO FORUM ENGINYERIA develops and applies RISK analysis to fluid facilities. It is a systematized group of activities intended to:

- Recognize and evaluate the potential failure and its effects
- Identify the actions to apply which would eliminate or reduce the potential failure’s risk.
- Represent the analysis results as a coloured alarm in a proper regularly updated georeferenced cartography.

Our studies and projects incorporates a well implemented association with geographic coordinates system in order to easily locate the resulting information wherever the geographic site is, making easy linking these results with any CAD and GIS software applications.


EN&CO FORUM ENGINYERIA offers regular training schedule in order to keep updated user's knowledge about fluids networks modelling. This training is either for Water as for Gas and Steam networks systems. Training on KYPIPES's modules, doing it as KYPIPE's Technial Support for Europe, working the different modules for fluids: YKPipe steady state analysis, Water Quality analysis, KYGAS and KYSteam facilities, SURGE and TranSurge for transient events analysis, SWMM for storm water and sewage systems.

Industrial activities.

As industrial utilities engineering EN&CO FORUM ENGINYERIA offers:

Fluid facilities dessing for Processes .

Energy efficiency advising.

Facilities and Machinery Maintenance advising.

Advising in front of administrative responsibilities concerning compliance with the current regulations.

Ferran Guillén Cortés
MSc in Mechanical Engineering by ETSEIB