Hydraulic facilities:  
  Water supply

Hydraulic Analysis. Protection design for Transients . Pumping facilities. Pipe networks.
Fire Protection systems. Water Storage. Water Quality.

Topical Cartography:

Risks Planning

Topical cartography applied to RISK analysis for fluid networks within Geographic Information Systems environment.
Urban Facilities:
  Urbans supplies Water supply
Low tension electric supplies
Street lighting
Machinery design
Manufacture's auditing
Risk advising in machinery evironments
Vehicles checking and certification

  Pressure vessels
Steam generators. Official registers. Compressed air.
  Electrical facilities
Low tension supplies. Circuit design. Official registers. Certification
  Frigorific facilities
Legalization. Official registers.
  Thermal facilities
Water circuits for thermal processes. Steam applications. Fuel tank certifications. Air Conditioning. Central Heating.
  Environment health prevention Industrial and local regulations compliances. Municipal licences for Industrial activities advising.
  Hazardous Chemical liquids storage Fuel. Flamable. Tòxics. Corrosive. Official registers.
  Steam and Gas Networks design.
Judicial processes
Technical advising.