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Surge course "basic"

SURGE "basic"

29March 2019


Modeling of transients in liquid networks allows simulating different scenarios in order to forecast transient pressures due to sudden flow changes in cases as, pump trip, startup/shutdown, hydrants and valves operations. Extreme pressures then will be properly neutralized conveniently, so assuring the integrity and good supply service. Predicting the magnitude of these transient pressures will allow auditing the protection systems in order to avoid sudden equipment bursting or collapsing, measuring equipment failures, preventing in case of water suooly possible contamination due to water table infiltrations, biofilms and incrustations release.


This session will focus on the discussion on different subjects concerning water network systems and transients’ protection design by means of SURGE & TranSurge. To be discussed are the basics of transient flows, calculation procedures, selection of surge protection devices. Workshop sessions will cover different scenarios wherein transient events are present; attendees will learn the basics on the use of SURGE & TranSurge helping to increase their confident in taking compromising decisions.

Pipe course "basic"

Pipe "basic"

22February 2019


Water networks are in continuous changes due to aging, breakings, obsolescence and upgrading. The hydraulic model will be usefuI in order to control these facts also avoiding overdemand situations, keep a correct chlorination process and to maintain a good level of quality in urban water supplies. Hydrant facilities have become recently more protagonists to protect our cities. Industrial facilities also are to be considered in this important group of study as a very strategic means of productivity's growth.


The session is aimed at water supply technicians and industrial process engineering. It is focused on the analysis of factors that determine an efficient design of a water network and industrial process services, liquids of process, cooling and chilling circuits. Aspects that will be discussed are, the basics in the use of KY Pipe, the equipment selection for regulation and pumping, demand-based piping systems, different types of demand.

Air Vacuum Valves modelled by SURGE

Thematic on Air Vacuum Valves

26April 2019


This session focuses on the basics about Air Vacuum Valves (AVV) their role in transients protection events. SURGE-TranSurge, will help to decide about types, sizes and where to site them in order to get the best protection, preventing extreme pressures. Alone or in combination with different surge protections devices may help to reduce total operational cost. Working modeling techniques will help forecasting and preventing troubles due to air slam and cavitation.


The session is intended for hydraulic technicians, SURGE-TranSurge users, with responsibility on clear water supply and on water networks related to water treatment plants, and irrigation facilities, always considering full section flow conduit conditions. Often treated water mains and irrigation systems are of low pressure, showing a rather flat piping profile in these cases AVV's are utterly advisable. SURGE-TranSurge techniques will help to enhance their knowledge and to consolidate their confidence on these complementary surge protecton elements.

SURGE "advanced"

SURGE. Working on real cases.

7June 2019


Advanced level will go straight to real cases that usually pop up when dealing with our day by day professional activity. We will focus on the way we choose material, construction system, how to trace profiles to avoid extreeme pressures. We will see which elements are more effective in order to avoid problems in pipelines and the associated equipment.


Course target goes to increase technicians confidence when designing compromised fluid facilities. So a deep knowledge on SURGE's basic level is required.

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