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Surge course "basic"

SURGE "basic"

26September 2019


Modeling transients in water networks allows simulate different scenarios in order to forecast transient pressures due to sudden flow changes in cases as, pump trip, startup/shutdown, hydrants and valves operations. Extreme pressures will be properly controled, so assuring the integrity and good supply service. Predicting the magnitude of these transient pressures will allow auditing the protection systems in order to avoid sudden equipment collapsing,failures of measuring equipment, preventing contamination due to water table infiltrations, biofilm detachement and incrustations release.


This session will focus on the discussion of different subjects concerning water network systems and transients’ protection design by means of SURGE & TranSurge. To be discussed are the basics of transient flows, calculation procedures, selection of surge protection devices. Workshop sessions will cover different scenarios wherein transient events are present; attendees will learn the basics of the use of SURGE & TranSurge helping to increase their confident in taking compromising decisions.

Pipe course "basic"

Pipe "basic"

28November 2019


Water networks are in continuous changes due to aging, breakings, obsolescence and upgrading. The hydraulic model will be usefuI in order to control these facts also avoiding overdemand situations, keep a correct chlorination process and to maintain a good level of quality in urban water supplies. Hydrant facilities have become recently more protagonists to protect our cities. Industrial facilities also are to be considered in this important group of study as a very strategic means of productivity's growth.


The session is aimed at water supply technicians and industrial process engineering, focusing on the analysis of factors that determine an efficient design of a water network and industrial process services, process' flow, cooling circuits. Aspects that will be discussed are, the basics in the use of KYPipe, the equipment selection for regulation and pumping, demand-based piping systems, different types of demand.

Air Vacuum Valves, Check Valves and other singular elements modelled by SURGE

Advanced SURGE



SURGE sessions for advanced levels are of two kinds, a current course and a specific session that will go straight to a real case that usually comes up dealing with the daily professional activity. The course session will focus on the way to choose protection elements, material, construction systems, how to trace profiles to avoid extreeme pressures. We will see which elements are more effective in order to avoid problems in pipelines and the associated equipment.
These customized courses are intended to fit users' needs about dates and places, thus once this is finally agreed, details will be anounced for the rest of the interested to join us.
Althought a site is indicated by default as a preference for the teaching team, others sites and countries will be considered.


Customaized sessions are intended for hydraulic technicians, SURGE-TranSurge users, with responsibility on clear water supply, condutions of water treatment plants, and irrigation facilities. Some mains and irrigation systems are of low pressure, showing a rather flat pipelineprofile in these cases AVV's are utterly advisable along with sutable CV. SURGE-TranSurge techniques will help to enhance their knowledge and to consolidate their confidence on these complementary surge protecton elements.


First steps to easy the learning.

18October 2019

12december 2019


KYPIPE LLC offers users periodical FREE sessions to help them on their first steps to easy the learning, no matter what level you are, not matter what's your hydraulic background, the session will reassure beginers into their capability to develope in few time simple hydraulic analysis.
Althought a site is indicated by default as a preference for the teaching team, others sites and countries will be considered.


Session's target goes to work out and understand manual examples, most of the time will be dedicated to practice laying out simple models and do quick analysis.





KYPIPE LLC invite municipal engineers and techniciens to attend this seminar intended to demostrate the advantadges of using a hydraulic software to manage with succes municipal water networks. This seminar organized by KYPIPE Europe zone delegation, will deal with questions that presents most interest about water networks analysis, questions concerning network capacity, regularity, quality service, quick response of flow and pressure in front of demand changes and fire scenarios. Helping to assure a good service quality. Engineers should analyze first, steady state and EPS escenarios, calibrate the network as soon as possible and analyze with accuracy transient parameters in order to control extreme pressures, and this last parameters should be analyzed only by mean of computer aids.


Seminar's target goes to work out and understand what matters when asuming important decisions about keeping in good conditions municipal water networks and forecast any kind of fail. For that a revision of different hydraulic elements types, its role in the hydraulic model, aspects about efficiency, quality assurancy and security will be worked out.

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