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Working on fluids projects implies enduring bitter mistakes at learning stages. When undertaking decisions, concerning materials and hydraulic elements, certain hydraulic background is essential to focus properly on any complex hydraulic issue. Industrial fluids, are quite singular compared with water, a deep knowledge of its nature is basic to avoid not desirable results, just a wide experience working on fluids will bring us confidence.

Fluids facilities engineering

  • - Protection design for Transients.
  • - Pumping facilities.
  • - Firefighting systems.
  • - Irrigation systems.

    Thematic Cartography

    Within thematic cartographic environment, EN&CO FORUM ENGINYERIA develops along with the regular topographic survey, studies over RISK analysis applied to different service infraestructures. Representing the analysis results as a cromatic alarm upon a proper updated georeferenced cartography, thus linking data bases with CAD's and GIS systems.

    Urban Facilities

    - Water supply. Urban and irrigation water networks. Firefighting systems. Designing and Construction management..
    - Sewerage


    - Distillers. Reactors. Heat exchangers. Vacuum systems. Extractors. Chemical plants layout for essential oil specific units.
    - Equipment design for process.
    - Manufacturer's auditing
    - Risk advising in machinery environments

Courses & Thematic Sessions

Technical worldwide support. Sales for each of our modules, consult KYPIPE PRICES.

Training services:



Steam-Supersteam & Gas

Customized thematic sessions on different hydraulic elements.

Free support for any KYPIPE modules sessions.

Seminars adressed to Municipal water services and specificly on Fire Fighting equipmet.

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