Projects & Consultancy

Fluids facilities analysis

Steady state.

Transients. Protection design in cases of extreme pressures.

Pumping. Irrigation systems.

Transients in hydroelectric power plants.

Fire protection systems.

Urban services

Water supply. Hydrant systems.

Hydrant system.
Checking hydrant networks for preventing cases of extreme pressures.

Gas networks.

Sewage networks.


fluids for process.

Saturated / superheated steam and process gases.

Activities legalization management.

Thematic cartography

Project's topography.

RISK analysis studies for fluid networks.


Courses. Thematic Sessions. Sales.

Global technical support. Sales, see KYPIPE's PRICES.

Training sessions

Transients analysis. SURGE-TranSurge modules

Steady state analysis. KYPipe module

Gas and Steam analysis networks. Steam-Supersteam & Gas modules

Customized thematic sessions on different hydraulic elements.

Free support sessions for any KYPIPE modules.

Free sessions adressed to the Municipal waternetwork services and specificly on Fire Fighting equipment.


Environmental studies and dissemination


Environmental impact study

Environmental values dissemination through an offer of visits to spaces of Natural Interest

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